1. System Solutions

Relying on the national infrastructure of BDS M&A system and abundant global data resources, to build a global BDS/GNSS high-precision data services platform for supporting high-precision positioning, auxiliary positioning and other functions expansion of BDS/GNSS chips and terminals, and the realization of single frequency sub-meter, multi-frequency centimeter level positioning and better than 10 seconds of the first fast positioning service.

2. Product Introduction

Currently available data and products include:

(1) High-precision BDS/GPS orbit, clock error and ionospheric delay data to support high-precision positioning service.

(2) High quality BDS/GPS/GLONASS ephemeris data to support A-GNSS service.

3. Application Case
Currently cooperating with a number of domestic chip companies to carry out research and verification of the BDS/GNSS high-precision positioning and auxiliary positioning technology, and has already achieved preliminary results. The future hopes to cooperate with more partners to jointly study and promote value-added applications of the national M&A data resources, support BDS products performances in line with international standards, and boost BDS industry to integrate with the world.
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