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Test and Assessment Research Center of China Satellite Navigation Office is a professional GNSS test and assessment research institute which mainly engages in GNSS related general technology, monitoring and assessment, test and verification, application technology and many other fields.

Monitoring and Assessment Technology: GNSS Service and Performance Monitoring and Assessment Technology, GNSS Data Comprehensive Analysis Technology, GNSS Interference Monitoring and Mitigation Technology;

Test and Verification Technology: Satellite Navigation System Simulation and Assessment Technology, GNSS Key Technology Test and Verification Methods, Satellite Navigation New Technology Test and Task Management;

Satellite Navigation Application Technology: Satellite  Navigation Application Mode, Satellite Navigation Terminal Test and Assessment Technology, High Accuracy Satellite Navigation Service Platform, Satellite Navigation Application Standards and Specifications.


Relying on the national infrastructure of BDS M&A system, to carry out innovative applications and value-added services study based on global M&A data resources, develop globally oriented BDS/GNSS high performance data service solutions, support BDS products performances upgrades, and boost BDS industry to integrate with the world.